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  • General, Work, Social, Relationships, Driving, Presentations, Exams, Stage Fright, Nerves and Panic Attacks.

Weight Management:

  • Healthy Eating, Portion Control, Motivation to Exercise.

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  • Low Self-esteem, Negative Internal Dialogue, Shyness, Blushing.

Phobias and Fears:

  • Flying, Spiders, Bees, Snakes, Driving, Dentists, Claustrophobia, Public Speaking and others.

Sleep Problems

  • Difficulty getting to sleep, and restless sleep.

Trauma, including PTSD

  • Past traumatic events, trauma, fear, anxiety and others.

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Is there something that you wanted to achieve or change and maybe you have tried many times, but no matter how hard you tried to make it happen, it seemed impossible?

We can utilise the subconscious mind to evoke change. The subconscious is a powerful tool we can use to overcome obstacles and problems to achieve success in areas we never thought were even possible. Perceived past failures do not dictate your future outcomes! We can work together to make a difference now and make lasting changes that benefit you throughout life.

I treat each client as an individual. We all perceive problems and situations subjectively. No two people are the same. We are as different as every grain of sand on a beach. Each grain appears to be the same on the outside, but when you look closely, each one is different, unique in its own way. 

Brayhypnotherapy, Quedgeley, Gloucester