Brayhypnotherapy, Quedgeley, Gloucester 

Trauma, including PTSD

The effect of past traumatic events can sometimes leave us feeling anxious, fearful, lonely, uncertain, worried and afraid. It can feel that there is no solution to the problem as we re-live events of the past unwillingly. Our health is affected and if unresolved, can develop into serious psychological, and physical problems.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful solution to resolve past trauma and create new a new compelling positive future.


The BLAST Technique ®, gets to the root of the problem. Some short term solutions are like pulling a weed out from the stem. These two powerful treatments dig out the roots. 

You don't have to experience war to suffer with PTSD.

The BLAST Technique ® is a fast effective way to treat past traumatic events. The success rate is very high. I use The BLAST Technique ® (an effective and efficient development of EMDR) and together with hypnotherapy, makes this a very powerful treatment.

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