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Trauma, including PTSD

Overcome trauma and ptsd with bray hypnotherapy
Overcome Stress with Bray Hypnotherapy
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The effect of past traumatic events can sometimes leave us feeling anxious, fearful, lonely, uncertain, worried and afraid. It can feel that there is no solution to the problem as we re-live events of the past unwillingly. Our health is affected and if unresolved, can develop into serious psychological, and physical problems.

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Hypnotherapy and NLP together with eye desensitisation movement are powerful solutions to resolve past trauma and create a new compelling positive future. We utilise the most effective and current treatments that work. The success rate is very high.

The BLAST Technique ®, (Bi-lateral analysis and stimulation) gets to the root of the problem. Processing past memories though eye movement therapy. It is an effective and efficient development of EMDR.

We are able to work content free, which means that you don't have to go into detail about the past experience, you only share what you want to share. 

You don't have to experience war to suffer with PTSD.

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