Stop Smoking Effortlessly

How many times have you tried?

My story

I was a smoker for a few decades until I stopped for good. I tried to stop by using the will-power method, and a few times I was even successful, but I couldn't seem to sustain it. I always felt deprived, and the craving would sneak up on me when I least expected it. 

Time after time I tried. Sometimes I was successful and I would be a non-smoker for hours, days or weeks, even months. Once or twice I threw all the tobacco I had in the bin, but when I couldn't cope with the incessant cravings anymore, I later scrambled through the bin in a frenzied state. 


Another time I put all of my tobacco under a running tap, so there was no chance of retrieving it. I told everyone around me that I had stopped too. This time there was no way out, the shame would stop me if nothing else. But true to form, the next day, I was in the shops buying tobacco again.

I remember a time that I lasted longer than a year, but then a life event happened and wham! I was back with my old friend the cancer stick. Now I was addicted again, with an annoying cough, a horrible taste that I had forgotten about, together with a feeling of failure and exasperation that I had succumbed yet again, and the life event/depression/pain was still there! 

Hypnotherapy is not a magic bullet. In order to make it a lasting change, there needs to be determination to change. Hypnotherapy will take care of the rest. I want to give you the tools when you see me, so that you have the necessary resources to hand. I.e. when time has passed as a non-smoker and you might think a safe period has passed; you are in a great mood, smoke free, life is great, and you feel in control and you are in the situation where someone offers you a smoke and instead of thinking, oh well just one will be ok, you have the resources for you to remember that it was that first smoke that got you started in the first place before you became an addict. Equally those situations when life is not great, because you know what? non-smokers get life events too, but they don't reach for the nicotine delivery machines. 

Looking back to when you first started, you probably didn't think you were really addicted at the time, but why did you try the next one and the next one and so on? We became addicts (if we are honest with ourselves). Why doesn't any of the so-called anti-smoking campaigns work very well; because as smokers we screen out the horror scenes of the effects of smoking. The pictures on the packets, blah blah blah - all screened out. Our brain is amazing, and we can use it to enhance our lives, or destroy our lives.

It's not about how many times you've tried to stop and failed. What happened in the past doesn't equal the future. Unless you do the same things, think the same things, expect and believe the same things, then your mind will fulfil your wishes. Past failures are opportunities for learning, and even if you think they aren't, there is a part of you that has logged all of life's learnings, good and bad.



Hypnotherapy is a way to activate the subconscious resources and to help your conscious mind take back control. Going into trance is like daydreaming in a completely relaxed way, with nobody wanting or needing anything from you. This is time for yourself, in complete control. The session is based uniquely around your beliefs and goals and desired outcome. It is a deep relaxation, with the benefit of making the changes that YOU want to make. In this state, the mind is receptive, alert, and relaxed. I often hear people tell me that it is the most relaxed they have ever been.

I stopped smoking by using Hypnotherapy. I didn't over eat, I didn't become self righteous about it either. I can-not tell you enough how amazing it feels to be free of smoking. 

I have a wealth of personal experience with smoking, and so am able to understand how difficult it can be using the will-power method, or prolonging the withdrawal pangs using patches. And by the way, I am starting to see people that use vapes now wanting to give up vaping,  so if you want to stop vaping too, it's ok, come and see me.

Beliefs, expectations and programming

Hypnotherapy helped me become a non-smoker

How many times you tried to quit smoking doesn't matter

What can Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis do?

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Hypnotherapy is powerful. Results can vary and success is not guaranteed. The client must want to change, not because they have been told they should change for someone else. Hypnosis is not magic, it is a two way commitment between client and therapist.

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