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Stop Smoking Effortlessly

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking brayhypnotherapy

Tried & failed to quit in the past? It doesn't matter!
Because your past does not have to dictate your future. 

Looking back to when you first started, you probably didn't think it was a problem at the time, and thought you could control it, but why did you try the next one and the next one and so on? 


Why don't any of the so-called anti-smoking campaigns work very well; because as smokers we screen out the horror scenes of the effects of smoking. The pictures on the packets - all screened out. Our brain is amazing, and we can use it to enhance our lives, or destroy our lives. ​​​ 


It's not about how many times you've tried to stop and failed. What happened in the past doesn't equal the future. Unless you do the same things, think the same things, expect and believe the same things, then your mind will fulfil your wishes. 

Smoking has been proven to increase stress, not alleviate it. It is an illusion to think that it calms you in some way. It's all programming - conditioning! 

Hypnotherapy is not a magic bullet. In order to make it a lasting change, there needs to be determination to change, not because someone told you to change, but the desire to change comes from you. Hypnotherapy will take care of the rest.


We want to give you the tools, so that you have the necessary resources to hand. I.e. when time has passed as a non-smoker and you might think a safe period has passed; you are in a great mood, smoke free, life is great, and you feel in control and you are in the situation where someone offers you a smoke and instead of thinking, oh well just one will be ok, you have the resources to remember that it was that first smoke that got you started in the first place before you became addicted. Equally those situations when life is not great, because you know what? Non-smokers get life events too, but they don't reach for the nicotine delivery machines. 

We are both ex-smokers and it is amazing to be free from its clutches. 

It is fantastic to help others do the same, and experience healthier, happier, longer and more fulfilled lives. And, with so much more money to spend. 

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