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Weight Management

Lose weight without feeling deprived

Hypnotherapy to lose weight with brayhypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy to lose weight with brayhypnotherapy

Some people gain weight more easily than others. The relentless images we see on social media and the news can leave us feeling self-conscious, judged, resentful.

It doesn’t matter how intelligent we think we are, sometimes the need/want overrides the logic. We know that there are major health risks by carrying excess weight such as; heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure. This doesn't seem to deter over eating, or eating a lot of the 'wrong' foods or even inspire us to change our lifestyles. It is as if the mind has screened out all the health problems associated with obesity. Even though we know the benefits of losing weight are great, we just can’t seem to get to that ideal weight and maintain it.  


Maintaining that resolve, and enjoying the journey. Sometimes, when someone does manage to get to their goal, by the willpower method, they can go straight back to overeating again. We try many unsustainable diets, feeling worse with each and every failed attempt and become sad and defeated.

Hypnotherapy is increasingly becoming the choice to control weight loss. Instead of feeling deprived, people can make better food choices, feel inspired, end emotional eating, and motivation to exercise can improve.

Choosing healthy food

The first step is being prepared. Considering the food to make, buying healthy ingredients, and preparing food can be a pain, and seem like too much effort with the wrong mindset. This can be made easier with hypnotherapy.

The main causes of weight gain

  • Over-eating and alcohol

  • Lack of exercise

  • Stress, tiredness, and sleep – These all affect your body’s fat-burning ability.

  • Self-belief and fear of failure

  • Traumatic Life events

  • Bad habits

Hypnotherapy is very helpful with all of the above. We discuss what will be comfortable for you, in order to make the changes that you want to make, and reach your goal. 

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