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The Menopause is not optional,

how much you suffer with the symptoms can be

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Audio Mindful Hypnotherapy for Menopause by Gez Bray
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Bespoke Hypnotherapy for Menopause 

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THE Menopause Journy 3 stages

Begin taking 
of your menopause journey

The Menopause Journey/Signs of Menopause
Consists of 3 stages and lasts on  average 7 years, but can be as long as 14 years in UK (differs culturally)

Stage 1: Perimenopause ('Peri' meaning 'near')

This usually begins after 40 years old (on average 45 - 55 in UK) and can last up to 10 years.

Your periods will be irregular, very light, or very heavy, or have stopped in last 6 months


This is when menopause symptoms usually start;  hot flushes, anxiety, sleep issues, and more and can really effect your life, both at home and at work. 

Your ovaries are beginning the process of fluctuating the amount of oestrogen & progesterone (hormones) that they produce, whilst testosterone is reducing due to ageing, and you are still fertile.

In modern Western culture it can feel rather like staring alone into the abyss, on the edge, without a safety net. With support & guidance, this can change.

Stage 2: Menopause 

Lliteraly means 'the last menstrual period', and so is actually describing a ‘moment in time’, although it is generally used to describe the whole Menopause Journey and the end of your fertility. Medically, it is when your periods have stopped for 12 months.

Normally occurs around your late 40s, early 50s, with average age 51 in UK.

Your symptoms can sometimes improve, or persist for up to 10 years or more after your last period.

Your ovaries have stopped releasing eggs, and the production of the female hormones oestrogen & progesterone in the ovaries reduces gradually to a very low level. 

 NB: Testosterone will have slowly reduced since around age 20, and reduces more at menopause. If your ovaries have been surgically removed, then this can cause a sudden and dramatic dip in testosterone.

Menopause also offers us a journey, a rite of passage. And with the right support & guidance, the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Stage 3: Post-Menopause 

The years after menopause, so more than 12 months after periods have stopped (or if your ovaries have been surgically removed this is where the menopause journey begins).

Lesser amounts of oestrogen are still produced by the adrenal glands, and even fat cells (this is thought to be why you put on weight).

If you are curious about the journey and want to feel the power, growth and balance that deeper work can offer; then this can be the most precious time of life.

Premature Menopause, Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI), Early Menopause, Surgically Induced Menopause

For some, including trans men, the menopause journey can begin earlier.

Premature Menopause: your periods stop before age of 40 and you are no longer fertile.

Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI): you are under 40 and your periods have stopped or you still get the occasional period. However, the ovaries have stopped working normally, and you could still be fertile .


Early Menopause: you are between 40 & 45 years of age and your periods become irregular or stop. Or, if you are a trans man on testosterone, this can happen at any age. 


Surgically Induced Menopause: Following surgery, where your ovaries have been removed, or you have undergone certain cancer treatments, you will be plunged into sudden menopause.

The symptoms of each can be the same as for natural Menopause, and may be even more of a shock. Whilst the rewards of delving deeper into the meaning and power of this passage can create a world of beauty and possibility beyond. 

 Menopause Symptoms 

 Around 75% of women in UK will experience symptoms of menopause

 Most Common Symptoms 

Hot flushes

Night sweats


Joint aches

Irregular/heavy/light periods (stage 1)

Painful periods (stage 1)



Mood swings


Low mood

Loss of confidence

Sleep issues/insomnia

Weight gain


Memory issues

 Forgetting words, people's names

Brain fog

Loss of sex drive

Weaker orgasms

Vaginal atrophy/dryness

Osteoporosis (brittle bones)

 Other Symptoms 

Grief for lost youth and/or fertility


Whiskers on face and/or neck


Hair loss

Heart palpitations

Bloated stomach


Hair loss



And The Good News

Great sensitivity that can be used to empower & create the

the best time of your life 

Menopause Symptoms

The scientific research confirms that Hypnotherapy is effective for
reducing  Menopause Symptoms

NIH 2.png

National Library of Medicine

Clinical hypnosis in the treatment of postmenopausal hot flashes: a randomized controlled trial

Compared with structured-attention control, clinical hypnosis results in significant reductions in self-reported and physiologically measured hot flashes and hot flash scores in postmenopausal women.

NIH 2.png

National Library of Medicine

The 2023 nonhormone therapy position statement of The North American Menopause Society

An advisory panel of clinicians & research experts in women's health evaluated the research papers and recommended Hypnotherapy ('clinical hypnosis') as an evidence based natural alternative to HRT 

NIH 2.png

National Library of Medicine

Effect of Hypnosis on Anxiety: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial with Women in Postmenopause 

Regardless of hypnotisability level, participants experienced significant symptom improvement from baseline scores 

Research Scientfic
How I Can Help You BHMS

How I Can Help You 

I can help you naturally reduce your menopause symptoms right from the very first session with ...

Bespoke Hypnotherapy for Menopause (BHM)

BHM colour before transparency green Bespoke Hypnotherapy for Menopause.png

The natural way to take back control of your mind and body

  • Free 30 minute consultation where we can get to know each other a little,

      and for you to decide if this is right for you.

  • Bespoke 1 to 1 sessions, designed especially for you; around your symptoms, symptom triggers, your life experiences, values, desired outcomes and aspirations.

  • The amount of sessions required is totally unique to you. We will discuss your progress at each session and adapt accordingly.

  • Either face to face in my lovely Therapy Room in Gloucester, UK, or online in your own home.   

  • Each bespoke session is around 1 hour in duration, and one to two weeks apart (flexible).

  • A Take-Away Mindful Hypnotherapy track, written and recorded by me, especially for you, to embed the work we do in our sessions.

  • Fees: £75 per 1 hour session (First Session is an hour and a half if including 30 mins Free consultation)    

(Hypnotherapy is covered by some Private Healthcare Providers)

What You Will Gain

Each session is bespoke, and directed by your uniqueness, this is just to give you

some ideas of what is possible with this programme...

  • Less hot flushes

  • Creatively manage hot flushes

  • Less stress/anxiety/panic

  • More sleep

  • More energy

  • Ease depression/sadness

  • Improve general mood

  • Increase focus & concentration

  • Relieve grief

  • Weight loss

  • Heal past emotional pain 

  • Stop Smoking 

  • Feel more able to cope with the normal demands and ups & downs of life

  • Feel more like yourself again

  • More in control of your body & mind

  • Ultimately, creating the best time of life for yourself

What You Will Gain
Getting to Know Me

Getting to know me a little:

Gez best profile pic Nov 23 v4.jpg

My working background is in devising abuse prevention and recovery programmes, education, business, therapeutic mindfulness and teaching meditation. Although my fascination with the mind lead me to study Psychology and Sociology at SouthBank University London, as a mature student. Whilst in the last decade Neuroscience, Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy have been my absolute passion and focus.

Now in my late 50s, as well as navigating through the menopause towards a deeper & more meaning relationship with myself, (more on that below), I have overcome the past pain of abusive relationships, fears, smoking, food issues, anxiety, and bereavements, & had the greatest pleasure to bring up two amazing sons, and now be in a wonderful, healthy relationship.

This has given me great insight and understanding of  the mind, 

Gez Bray, Hypnotherapist, specialising in Menopause, Anxiety, Trauma & Grief
BSc Psych & Soc (Hons), DHP Acc.Hyp, GQHP  
Professional Standards Authority Registered Hypnotherapist          

suffering, recovery & happiness. Especially how  we can become stuck in cycles of suffering, often thinking it’s just normal, or beyond help; whilst the road to recovery can be accessed if we just reach out with an open mind and a commitment to change.  I do believe my life experiences have helped me to be a better, more empathetic therapist, and woman, with the deepest respect for you, and whatever you bring into the room.

My Menopause Journey

My Menopause Journey

The symptoms of the menopause gave me a real shockI just didn't understand what was happening to me! I actually thought back then that it was something that happened to old ladies, and not to a young, (optimistic) woman like me in her 40s. I was left feeling like someone had taken my personality away in the night and replaced it with a tearful, fearful, moody version of myself that I had never met before, and I was scared. 


And, at first, I actually thought I was mentally ill or something, and googled early onset Alzheimer’s on several occasions. It just felt so wrong and scary; you know that feeling where you have known someone for years, and they are standing right next to you, but you just can’t think of their name?! It feels like there’s just a blank space in your mind where their name used to live...and information, and memories from my past just felt irretrievable, I had been focussed on my own personal development for years, and now I felt out of control, and I was worried!


And not only the psychological symptoms were freaking me out, there was also the most common symptom of them all, the pesky hot flushes; they really plagued me, especially at night...oh, the sleep loss! And that’s to say nothing of the whiskers (oh wow, another shock!).

I went to the doctors and was basically sent packing with, "You are not menopausal, you are too young, you could be in perimenopause, come back in a few years time". I went a second time and had a slightly better experience, but HRT seemed to be the only help available, and I just didn't want to go down that road (although totally respect those that do).

So, I tried all kinds of natural remedies, and coupled with my daily meditation practice, this did help to a degree, but it just wasn't enough.

My Big Discovery

Logo Bray Hypnotherapy opacity 16_edited

I had noticed many years ago that stress in the moment seemed to bring on my hot flushes. If I felt embarrassed or ashamed, or anxious about something, I would get a hot flush.


Also, many of my clients are 40+ women & I was noticing that as past trauma was resolved, so the women were also reporting that their menopause symptoms were reducing. 

Curious, I delved deeper into why some women have no menopause symptoms, and others suffer greatly, I discovered something that really blew me away: There is a  body of scientific evidence showing that not only current, but also past trauma adversely effects the menopause experience. 


Coupled with the strong evidence from scientific research that Hypnotherapy is very effective at reducing menopause symptoms, including significant reduction in hot flushes, and the emotional symptoms such as mood swings, anxiety, low mood, memory loss, concentration, confidence and sleep, I became excited at the prospect of being able to really help women live more fully & freely in this very natural and effective way, using Hypnotherapy. 

It's our Right!

 As my research expanded to include the experiences of Menopause from other cultures, especially indigenous cultures, another great discovery was found: I learned of the power of this rite of passage, and how women have been, and can become their best selves during this time when given the opportunity and guidance to do so. I am able to weave these in to Hypnotherapy in a creative and structured way that really works, for those that wish to.

I realised that a lot of my personal development had been awakened due to being in this passage of life.


I have completely changed my life during this passage, sharing a few personal things here:

I have gone from an abusive intimate relationship to one of respect and growth.

I have gone from living in a place that I didn’t feel I belonged to having a home that is my oasis.

My work has changed from a boring office job to using my skills, experiences & creativity to help others which is beyond fulfilling.

I have transformed guilt, shame, and silence into a pride for all that I am, and can share.

It has all come together, as I love the life I live now, and having the opportunity to not only relieve your symptoms, which is massive, but also, for those that wish to do the deeper work, to transform your life, it’s incredible.


One of my greatest teachers,

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, puts this beautifully, Menopause is far more than a a physical change, ‘THE CHANGE’, it is a misnomer. It is a descent and an arising. It is a sunset. Then, a sunrise. The time in between the two counts for everything.”

​So this is how it has become my mission to offer this bespoke service to women, understanding that each of our menopause journeys is very personal, and respecting the very unique life experiences of each of us is so important to me and the way I work. My passion to improve the lives of all of us navigating this journey, with a natural and scientifically proven, and bespoke approach, is how the Bespoke Hypnotherapy for Menopause (BHM) came into being.

This work really is possible, and I would love to help you through what may feel like the worst time of life, into what could be the best time of your life.

My Qualifications & Training

My Qualifications & Training

Psychology & Sociology BSc (Hons)

Southbank University, London


Compassionate Ericksonian Practitioner Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Counselling

British Hypnosis Research & Training Institute 

Personally trained by the world renowned Ericksonian expert, Stephen Brooks

Accredited by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and Complimentary & National Health Care Council

Approved as an Accredited Register by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care to meet UK-wide standards of patient safety and service quality

BLAST Technique Practitioner® (Eye Movement Amygdala Desensitisation Therapy, an evolved form of EMDR)  

Trained by the creator, International Hypnotherapist, Nick Davies

Therapeutic Mindfulness Practitioner & Meditation Practitioner

UK College of Mindfulness, Birmingham

Accredited by the British Psychological Society 

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Available for In Person appointments in Quedgeley, Gloucester, UK
Or from your own home, Worldwide on WhatsApp Video Call

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