Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) have helped me in many areas of my life such as becoming a non-smoker, overcoming depression, anxiety, and allowing me to let go of past events that were both energy draining and exhausting. 

I have been actively involved in personal development for over ten years, and am enthusiastic about 

learning more about human nature to enable me to help others and likewise, this helps me to grow as a human being. I am passionate and determined to help others overcome obstacles and problems, guiding them to discover their true inner potential, breaking free of self-limiting beliefs and making successful lasting changes. Together we can turn poison into medicine!

My experience of life's ups and down's and continual self-improvement, has given me the ability to successfully help dozens of other people to overcome their problems. 

I feel it's important to have a gratitude for life, even when life seems dark there is always something to learn from these periods in life.


I also practise Mindfulness, and practising mindfulness has given me an awareness of my thought patterns. Living life mindfully in this moment called now and not listening to the ever present inner dialogue is freedom, and like everything we want to improve in life, it takes practice. I enjoy bringing laughter to people and my intent to help is entirely focused on the person in front of me. 



My Advanced Hypnotherapy training was delivered directly by Stephen Brooks, who was trained by Milton Erickson. ad Virginia Satir. Brooks was the first to bring Erickson’s teachings to the UK and Europe in the seventies, and is considered a world authority on the therapeutic use and teaching of hypnotherapy.

I was trained by Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP, and became a Licensed Practitioner. He developed most of his skills from Milton Erickson, widely regarded as the “father of modern day hypnotherapy” and Virginia Satir, widely regarded as the 'Mother of Family Therapy'. Bandler is responsible for teaching hypnotists such as Paul McKenna.

I hold two Diplomas with Distinction in Hypnotherapy. I'm a Practitioner in NLP and an Advanced Practitioner in Blast Technique® trained in EMDR by Nick Davies.

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Award from Dr Richard Bandler
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